Web Page Contents

The intent is to make the site the first place a Rotarian will go to access information.

The structure of the site is intended to allow those closest and most directly involved with a particular activity to control the content on their pages.

  • Anyone who sees something that they believe is in error or that they believe is not correct should use the appropriate Contact function available and note their concern. We will address the concern and ask the original writer for an explanation and / or a revised version of the content if that is what is required.
  • All content should be provided in MSWord format. The files can be converted to PDF if needed.
  • It is highly encouraged to include images with most pages. The image can be included in the Word document or sent as a separate file.
  • The website accesses the D7630 DaCdb files. Any errors in member or club information that is shown on the website can be corrected by the member or club president or club secretary in their DaCdb record. Once DaCdb is updated the changes will immediately appear on the website…no other action is required on anyone’s part for this type of update. The accuracy of what is shown on the website is only as accurate as what is contained in the DaCdb records.
  • When needed DaCdb can be accessed directly from this website. DaCdb access will require the User Name and Password for most members, plus the Club# for those who have Level 6 DaC access.
  • If the contents on the main page require you to scroll right that involves the monitor settings of your PC. All should be able to hit Ctrl + or Ctrl – to make what appears on their screen, or in the center window, bigger or smaller. Move the cursor to a specific window and click Ctrl + or Ctrl – as many times as necessary to obtain the view best suited for your preference.
  • Suggestions are encouraged and welcome.