Scholarship 2010 -2011

This year, we had more applicant than ever. We interviewed 62 students. It was an awesome experience and judging by the caliber of those young persons, our future should be taken care of. We ended up with 16 scholarships, ranging from $500 to $2000. All recipients were invited to our lunch meeting and were recognized for their accomplishments.
The following students received scholarships: Melanie Kouchoff, Yasameen Mohammadi, Brandi Forte, Morgan Jong, Kendall Lee Calhoun, Kyle Laurence Petrucelli, Dominic DeShawn Williams, Laqshya Taneja, Ngoc Jade Huynh, Salman Kahn, Gabriella R. Herrera, Jay Abraham, Trevor Gene Lewis, Benjami James Carvalho, Matthew Z. Nolen and Effie Yingfei Zhou.