August in Review

The month of August was a big one for the club as we unveiled our historical marker that commemorates our 100+ years of service above self in our community on August 1st. The marker celebrates the club's history, projects, ands tells the story of just how far we have come both in size and strength over the last 103 years.

At the meeting that preceded the dedication of the marker, Representative James Comer told the club about his position on the trade tariffs that have been put in place by President Trump, his support of hemp and what it could mean for Kentucky, along with his support of Senator Mitch McConnell who is working with an amendment to the Farm Bill that is working its way through congress that will de-criminalize the plant and open the door to countless opportunities in terms of both farming and utilization of the product and its by-products in the Commonwealth.

Other Speakers for the month were:

Rev. Raynarldo Henderson,  who enlightened us all on the creation, mission, and work of the Race Unity Group in Paducah that seeks to improve race relations between all Paducahans.

City Planning Department Director Tammara Tracy told us a little about herself, how she had the best welcome to Paducah ever, the Great American Eclipse, and gave us some insights to all of the aspects of city planning as well as told about some of the recent successes and on-going projects, namely the Riverport to Riverfront Project.  

Newly hired city Manager, Jim Arndt introduced himself to us and told us about his path to Paducah, and what he sees as his role in the job of City Manager and how we all can and should work together to improve the city.  He also told us how his welcome to Paducah was likely the polar opposite of Tammara's, as it was a skunk encounter that welcomed him to Paducah.

 WPSD Local 6 Meteorologist, Jennifer Rukavina gave the club an early look of what to expect this winter utilizing El Niño, and talked about the more "folksy" methods of forecasting, including persimmon seeds, and the less accurate wooleybear catepillar.


 Rotarian Hal Sullivan sponsored the membership of Jason Fort, Wealth Advisor with Hilliard Lyons, who was inducted into our club on August. 29th.  

If you haven't had the chance to yet,  be sure to introduce yourself to him when you see him at our meetings and make him feel welcome.  Welcome to Rotary Jason!

Other News that Keeps the Club Turning

3rd Grade Dictionary Project in P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S
Third grade classes throughout McCracken County begin receiving dictionaries from Rotarians this week.  If you volunteered for this project, a hearty THANK YOU for your service!  Please remember to take pictures of Rotarians in action with the kiddos!!
     This year, we plan to submit club photos to The dictionary project which may appear on their website and/or in their mailings with our permission.  Many Rotary clubs have been featured over the years and we think our club deserves recognition … they do too!  As Committee Chairman Steve Bright shared in a meeting, the Rotary Club of Paducah has provided over 12,000 dictionaries through this project in our community.

BBQ on the River booth signups continue!
     If dictionary delivery and distribution, couldn't quite fit in your alphabet, then we have another sweet opportunity for you to get involved with your club.

Yes, Rotary is all about health food so it's only natural for us to be joining forces with the UK College of Engineering to staff the Fried Twinkies and Oreo Booth at BBQ on the River. And we wish to thank Rotarian Jamie Futrell, and the team at Bristol Broadcasting for the opportunity to partner with them this year.
     Batter dipped goodness aside, the one thing Rotary really is about is service above self.  This year’s Rotary theme, “be an inspiration” encourages us to step outside our comfort zones by providing service, encouragement and goodwill to others. And nothing says goodwill better than twinkies and oreos. 
     Seriously though, the funds raised through our participation in this major charitable fundraising event will sweeten our coffers that will fund future club service projects.  So let’s do this!    It's never too late to sign up, and fry up some good times with fellow rotarians,  and support the club while doing it! Signup for a time slot today by clicking this link.