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 Applicant's Certification:

I hereby certify that I am personally engaged or have been prior to retirement in the business or professional activity covered by the above classification and that my residence or place of business is located within Newtown or is located within an immediately adjoining territory. 

In making this application to join the Rotary Club of Newtown I understand there are a range of benefits such as the opportunity to serve the community both locally, nationally and internationally; to also network with fellow Rotarians and have fellowship in a variety of ways. I commit to Rotary and its principles, objectives and by-laws, and I understand this includes a level of financial contribution: dues are $40 a quarter (this includes an annual subscription to the official Rotary Magazine); a minimum contribution $25 per quarter to Rotary International Foundation (the source of much of the funding for Rotary projects and programs). 

I also accept that additional payments for regular meeting meals will be billed quarterly, based on the number of meetings I have attended in the prior quarter, currently at $22.00 per meeting. I appreciate that I will also have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of special events; these may call for a contribution to cover costs, and will be billed separately. Events, included but not limited to, are: the Pancake Breakfast; the annual Holiday Dinner and the tradition of Passing the Gavel (Gala Dinner) at the end of each Rotary Year. I understand that some of these Events may have obligatory additional cost; for example the Pancake Breakfast tickets can be sold by or paid for by members to the value of about $70. 

I hereby give permission to the Club to publish my name and classification to its members. 

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